David Coe is a communications strategist who rose from a classically trained cadet journalist to becoming the editor responsible for the Financial Review’s information graphics before establishing himself as Australia’s authority on investor social media.

In a career that started with a part-time high school job in the proof-reading room of a newspaper in northern NSW, David has spent more than 40 years mastering written and visual communications in both traditional newspapers and the new media.

Newspapers and magazines David has worked on also include The Australian, BRW, and The Times of London. He became features editor of the Evening Post in Wellington at age 22 and later designed newspapers and magazines for Robert Holmes a Court. He also redesigned the business pages of both The Australian and the West Australian.

David combined his love of markets with his expertise in financial journalism to work in the institutional research sections of investment bank Macquarie and stockbroker Ord Minnett. His notable achievements are detailed in the achievements section (see link below).

A key element of David’s ability to create communications strategies that engage investors is the insights he gained from decades of study into human behaviour and the psychology of communications.

He also studied technical analysis of markets and became a successful futures trader before establishing his own firm, Investor Torque, which helps junior listed companies reach tens of thousands of investors on social media.

David has taken dozens of small listed companies into the top 10% of the world’s most influential Twitter users.

He has also presented at seminars for company secretaries, accountants, investors, and editors.

More recently, he has co-authored a No1 international best seller about the link between thoughts and success as well as written a wonderfully simple must-have book for business writers so they can use the right word every time.

Put simply, David is an accomplished presenter, author, editor, animation producer, and script writer who quickly gets to the intellectual and emotional core of a business case.

When you need to get a message to a target audience, David is the person to turn to for the right communications strategy.