• Created communications strategies on investor social media that took dozens of small listed companies into the top 10% of the world’s most influential Twitter users

•  Presented to the Governance Institute on shareholder engagement in the digital age

•  Presented to accountants on improving their internal and external communications

•  Was the editor responsible for the Financial Review’s world-standard information graphics

•  Increased the paper’s graphics output by 75% over six years and increased the number of artists from four to 12 full-time equivalents

•  Redesigned The Australian’s business pages

•  Redesigned the West Australian’s business pages

•  Redesigned Macquarie’s equity research, which was instrumental in Australia’s biggest investors voting it their 4th most used research (up from unranked previously)

•  Created a sales-research document for Macquarie that brought in $12 million in share sales in its first 2 weeks

•  Wrote prospectuses for Macquarie

•  Managed the compliance rollover of the prospectus for Macquarie’s traditional Cash Management Trust, Australia’s largest

•  Designed and managed a survey of clients’ information requirements to ensure Macquarie’s research reports met their needs

•  Improved the effectiveness of Ord Minnett’s research reports as sales tools by co-ordinating changes to their design, production and editorial standards. This included polling sales staff on the fundamental data they wanted included – such as $US market caps and free cash flow –  that enabled them to sell more effectively to international clients

•  Moved the printing of Ord’s research reports to Singapore, doubled the number of reports while creating effective savings of $600,000 pa, and cut production times by 2/3

•  Created scores of PowerPoints and Prezis (animated PowerPoints) to support capital raisings and investor presentations

•  Conducted on-camera interviews with dozens of managing directors, CEOs and investment managers which they could use in their communications strategies