David Coe’s special competencies are:

•  Australia’s authority on investor social media

•  Creating communications strategies to deliver on business objectives

•  Communicates financial concepts in plain English

•  Writes with power, clarity and elegance

•  Presents engagingly and authoritatively

•  Uses innovative combinations of visuals and words to highlight critical information and actions to be taken

•  Structures information in business communications to maximise understanding

•  Creates innovative publishing solutions and reader-friendly documents and business communications

•  Builds relationships with stakeholders to understand their aims and needs

•  Builds teams and provides leadership

•  Thoroughly understands publishing, from writing, copywriting and editing through to design and production

•  Understands Gann and Elliott wave analysis of markets

David’s career objective

•  Creating communications strategies that attract capital and clients by combining expertise in writing and publishing with a strong understanding of markets and social media