David Coe is a communications strategist who reaches the head and the heart.

His communications strategies work because he knows how to get quickly to both the intellectual and emotional core of a business case.

David combines this ability with his expertise in all aspects of publishing in new and traditional media – writing, editing, design, information graphics, social media, printing, marketing collateral, email campaigns and website content.

After decades honing his skills in financial journalism and investment banking, he and his team at Investor Torque now help listed companies that struggle to get broker and media coverage take their news direct to investors.

David is Australia’s authority on investor social media, which is transforming the way companies communicate with current and potential shareholders.

He loves sharing his knowledge with live audiences and regularly polishes his presentation technique by practising as often as possible. David has also written and produced a swag of animated business videos, spent 7 years as the editor in charge of the Financial Review’s information graphics, and created powerful presentations for financial services companies, mining companies, futures traders, editors, and software companies.

When David creates a communications strategy, he knows the tools that will do the best job for the audience you want to reach.

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