A picture is worth a thousand words and moving pictures are worth a thousand pictures.

People want information in videos, not pages of text. That is why YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine and why videos should be central to your communications strategy.

With nearly 2 out of every 3 visits to a website being done on a phone or tablet, it is no wonder people would rather get information in a video they can watch instead of having to read pages of text on a small screen.

And animated videos are much more engaging than an executive droning on to the camera.

So tell your story with images that move. The images can be graphs, maps, sketches, drawing of people and objects, text and photos. Include a voiceover plus background music to make it really professional for very little extra cost.

The visual and sound elements can be combined in myriad ways to grab your audience’s attention and make your story easy to understand.

Animated videos can be used to reveal data, illustrate case studies, explain how a production plant will work, show past and expected revenue growth, or even highlight important areas on maps.

David has written and produced animated videos on – among others – the US national debt, investor relations, mining, dental software, and a remuneration system for companies with payrolls over $100 million a year.

Animated business videos are most powerful when they capture your value proposition, when they show why you are unique.

David advises that most videos should be 2-2.5 minutes long.

After that, people begin to lose interest and click away. Any information at the back end of long videos is in danger of being missed completely and your communications strategy suffering as a consequence.

Let David show you how to make sure your message is received and retained by the people you want to reach.

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