Information graphics have an unequalled ability to explain details quickly.

By combining words, numbers, figures, images and tables, they highlight critical factors and show interrelationships in a way that words alone cannot.

That is why communications strategists use them.

After 7 years as the Financial Review’s editor responsible for information graphics, David has an unsurpassed ability to create graphics that bring your report or presentation to life.

And almost anything can be used as the basis for an information graphic.

If there is a fact or two that is worth highlighting, they are able to be combined in an information graphic that includes a pictorial element that instantly gives the information context.

David Coe spent 7 years as graphics editor on the Financial Review entrenching the paper’s position as a world leader in information graphics.

Now that expertise is available to clients of David Coe Communications who want to set themselves apart with visually engaging and lucid publications and presentations.

David can advise you on what material to turn into graphics and then create them for you.

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