David is Australia’s authority on investor social media and many of his clients are in the top 10% of the world’s most influential Twitter users.

He has helped dozens of junior companies reach more investors, stockbrokers, wealth advisers, business journalists, analysts, financial planners and others each week than many ASX 100 companies reach.

That’s because he knows how to cultivate followers who value financial information and send his clients’ tweets viral.

David’s social media communications strategies have helped companies mobilise shareholders, repel corporate raiders, support IPOs and secondary raisings, increase trading liquidity and tighten bid-ask spreads.

Traditionally, junior and mid-cap companies struggled to get their stories past brokers and the business press who concentrate on the biggest companies.

However, investor social media has changed the game by enabling companies to talk direct to thousands of market professionals – even individual reporters and brokers.

Put simply, social media is ideal for listed companies that are too small for institutional holdings, broker coverage or regular press coverage.

David understands that the key to making investor social media pay is for companies to define their business objectives and create a strategy to reach their target audiences.

To deliver on your objectives, start with the end game in mind.

And unlike many aspects of traditional marketing, everything online is measurable and traceable. You will know exactly how effective your efforts are.

Other ways in which social media benefits junior and mid-cap companies are:

•  It is the cheapest form of investor communications

•  It gives smaller companies a distinct advantage over market heavyweights

•  Its reach extends way beyond the geographic and demographic limits of traditional media

•  You can monitor what investors are saying about you and deal instantly with negative comments

•  In difficult times, you get early warning signals to help avoid proxy fights

•  In down markets, it helps you keep shareholders engaged

•  In up markets, it spreads good news quickly

With investor social media, you build your own communications channels that followers actively opt into.

To take your story direct to investors, bring it to David and his team first.

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