When you have a message to present to a live audience – potential investors, shareholders, staff or clients – it is critical that your presentation has been honed.

Too often well-meaning executives who know their content jam far too much detail onto each slide, which shoots down any communications strategy.

No wonder jaded audiences joke that most presentations are ‘death by bullet point’.

Great presentations combine powerful images with just a few words and leave audiences with a clear message on each slide.

And at the end of a presentation, the audience is in no doubt about the action needed.

Too much detail, lots of bullet points and no clear message leaves audiences confused – and confused people resist taking action.

The first question to ask when preparing a presentation is: do you want the audience to listen to you or read the slides?

Of course you want them to listen to you so don’t put everything you say on the slides. Otherwise the audience will read ahead and ignore you.

David uses his combined experience in journalism, graphics and design to create presentations that call audiences to action.

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