Good writing must engage the reader, whether to educate, entertain or inform.

And that applies to people reading on their phones, in client updates, annual reports, in newspapers, or on their laptops.

David knows how to do this with the least number of words and achieve maximum understanding without sacrificing accuracy or fairness.

That is the advantage of being professionally trained in the cauldron of daily journalism.

David also knows that great writing has a tempo and grace that carry the reader along. In the process, understanding is created while requiring only minimal effort from the reader.

Put succinctly, the language supports the message. It doesn’t hinder it.

The best communications strategy can come unstuck with sloppy, verbose and muddled writing. It will also come unstuck if the basics – like spelling out benefits instead of features – are not delivered.

David is an editor who balances the aims of the writer and the needs of the reader. The relationship between a writer and editor is a bit like that of a miner and gem cutter. Stones that come out of the ground can be made more valuable but clumsy cutting can reduce gems to dust.

David and his team can create or polish:

• Investment memorandums

• Marketing collateral

• Capability statements

• Website text

• Annual reports

• User guides

• Research reports

• Communications plans

• Fliers

• Brochures

• All other client communications

To get the best results, let David and his team take responsibility for editorial, design and production to ensure your message is clear and concise – and consistent with your communications strategy.

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