David was my saving grace. Within a matter of a few short months he wrote our brochures, user guides, web content and proposals. David is superb at developing graphics that make the complex easy to understand. I would recommend his work without hesitation.
– Barbara DeGraff, OneVue marketing

Wow! In the 10% of the world’s most influential Twitter users! And all that from just 2 followers 3 months ago! Hats off to David Coe and his team.
– Hans-Peter Gassner, chairman and MD, Sierra Morena Exploration

OneVue was in a rapid development phase and required some assistance in bringing together a unique value proposition to take to market. David has that rare blend of market knowledge and product objectivity required to articulate a new concept in a way that can be easily understood by clients, advisers and other stakeholders.
– Connie Mckeage, Global CEO, OneVue

David’s team helped lift our liquidity 10‐fold, from 2 million shares a month to 20 million.
– Chris Gale, managing director, Latin Resources

David has given us global reach.
– Mark Gillie, managing director, Republic Gold

David Coe is not only an excellent communicator with words and graphics but he also possesses great skills in trading and market analysis. It has been my pleasure to know David and to see his work and I have always been impressed.
– Jake Bernstein, internationally known futures trader and analyst, author of 43 investing books

David Coe is one of the most talented sub-editors I have worked with. He was instrumental in redesigning the business section of a newspaper I helped edit, and designed from scratch a number of new papers we launched in a second phase of working together. I do not hesitate in recommending David to anyone seeking assistance with their publishing projects.
– Tim Treadgold, contributing editor to Forbes magazine and contributor to Eureka Report, former finance editor of The West Australian newspaper

It was David’s combination of experience and technological know-how that first drew me to him, and now others are drawn to me as a result of his work.
– Paul Stokes, client manager at Alchemy Equities

David has a strong knowledge of financial markets and is able to translate that onto the page in a way that is enlightening for the professional investor, and yet readily understandable for those eager to learn.
– Will Willitts, News editor, afr.com, the Australian Financial Review

David introduced me to the world of professional illustrations, and how to tell a story in graphics and charts. I’d recommend him to anyone who’s trying to communicate complex ideas and facts in a simple but attractive graphic or illustration.
– Mark Jones, IT Editor, Information section, the Australian Financial Review

David has a real passion for getting a message across. His ability to stand in the reader’s shoes and weigh how the text may impact the reader gives him an edge. In an environment which is awash with information, ever-shortening attention spans, and tight deadlines, you can rely on David to consistently get to the core of a message and deliver it in a memorable way.
– Adam Townley, CFO, Pacific Pyrolysis

David Coe has a clarity of understanding of matters financial that generates communication and visuals at a level that makes it alive for the layman and enticing for the expert.
– David Hunt, strategist, Profit Hunter Group

David has a wide range of skills in the production of news. He is capable and a very efficient person whose problem-solving ability is impressive. He has a wide-ranging knowledge in the field of finance and can understand and interpret complex financial concepts.’
– Peter Arnold, production editor/chief sub-editor and motoring writer at BRW magazine

I first meet David in November 2004 when he presented an interesting keynote address at the inaugural meeting of Clarence Ahead (business network). He spoke on the hidden geometry of markets – where the Da Vinci code meets stocks and shares. The 100-plus business guests were impressed with the information provided, which included a meaningful PowerPoint presentation. Subsequent to that time I have had a number of discussions with David about private equity capital raising and communication strategies for start-up ventures. I am pleased to recommend David for his candid advice and presentation skills.
– Derek de Vrieze, B. Bus GAICD FPNA